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The 'debate' between Evolution and Creation really has nothing to do with science.  A lot of evolution proponents like to pitch it as 'Science vs God' but it really has nothing at all to with the science. The hard sciences could care less what anyone believes, it just tests a hypothesis and gives a result. It's up to the scientists themselves to interpret those results. The real debate is about worldview.  An evolutionary worldview considers deep time and uniformitarianism to have formed the universe. A Creationist worldview says a Creator outside time, space and matter formed us and everything around us.  Both worldviews have access to the same science, they just interpret it differently and draw different conclusions. 

This is my personal website, so forgive the terrible formatting.  I'm not a web developer and my personal technical ineptitude bears no witness to the scientific qualifications of the folks below.  I just wanted to contribute a list of scientists I've been gathering over the years that support Creation. I put this out there in case someone like you happen to ponder the same questions I do.   Until around 2015 I'd always considered myself agnostic (at best) towards the Creator. This was mostly because wanted to define my own version of right and wrong and didn't want anyone shining a light into my own life, exposing my flaws and judging me for it.  Though I'm a reasonably educated man with a couple of college degrees and undergrad level biology, mathematics and physics I'm no where near qualified to form a scientific opinion on anything in the hard science fields.  But then again, I really don't think you have to be a veterinarian to know what a dog looks like either. 

The folks listed in the directory below are very well educated PhD researchers and educators that support Creation over uniformitarianism.  They are as qualified as anyone on the planet to make scientific opinions.  Some of the folks below view the Universe as very old, some only a few thousand years, but they agree that a Creator was involved and we are under that Creator's divine authority.  Internal differences aside, (they are not a salvation issue) both use hard sciences to support a Creation worldview.  I hope you find yourself going down the same rabbit hole I did.  Thanks for reading and I hope God uses his Creation to draw you closer to him and to bless you with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through these folks findings and materials. 

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Kurt Patrick Wise (born 1959) serves as the Director of Creation Research Center at Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, Georgia.  He has a PhD in Geology from Harvard University. He writes in support of creationism and works for the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.
Kurt Wise, PhD

Kurt P. Wise, PhD

I'll be adding more profile cards for these folks as time permits and I really want to do a FAQ for all the questions I keep running across at some point too.  In the meantime, if you've ran across this website in the wild please know there are lots of highly trained scientists supporting the Creation model.  I personally think there's a ton of brilliant scientists sitting in silence about it for fear of losing their careers.  The directory below is nowhere near exhaustive, it's just a list I've been compiling for the last few years.  I just stick their names on here as I run across them. You can Google them to find out more. 

Kurt Wise

Robert Carter

Andrew Snelling

James Tour

Kevin Anderson

Alan White

Arthor Chadwick

Kent Hovind

John Sanford

Horace Skipper

David Catchpoole

Donald Batten

Matti Leisola

Pieter Borger

Jonathon Sarfati

Stuart Burgess

Marcus Ross

Tasman Walker

Emil Silverstru

James Mason

Mark Harwood

John Hartett

Larry Turner

Tim Broffie

Gene Lightener

Tom Hennigan

Neither Snyder

Jordan Peterson

Henry Schaefer

Chris Ashcraft

Danny Faulkner

John Baumgardner

Gary Bates

Spike Psarris

Russell Humphreys

Steve Austin

John Sanford

Nathanial Jeanson

Stuart Burgess

Al Mohler

John MacAuthor

John Sanford

Christopher Rupe

Walter Brown

Charles Thaxton

Fuz Rana

Walter Bradley

Bill Demski

Edgar Andrews

Steve Austin

Thomas Barnes

Carl Baugh

KLeonard Brand

Glenn Morton's Rebuttal

P. Burns

David Catchpoole

Tim Chaffey

Frank DeRemer

Don DeYoung

Matthew D'Orazio

Danny Faulkner

Carl Froede

Ken Ham

John Hartnett

John Hinton

Bodie Hodge

William Hoesch

Kent Hovind

Russell Humphreys

Carl Kerby

Dorothy E. Kreiss Robbins

Charlie Liebert

Jason Lisle

Mark Looy

Martin Lubenow

John MacArthur

J. Mackay

Bruce Malone

David Menton

Henry Morris

Henry Morris III

John Morris

Terry Mortenson

Michael Oard

Andrew Rigg

Jonathan Sarfati

I. Scott

Barry Setterfield

Pam Sheppard

Emil Silvestru

Andrew Snelling

Dennis Swift

Paul Taylor

Brian Thomas

Tas Walker

Noel Weeks

John Whitcomb

John Whitmore

Carl Wieland

Fred Wilson

Kurt Wise

John Woodmorappe

Mike Riddle

Danny Faulkner

Buddy Davis

Spike Psarris

Jason Lisle 

Carl Kirby

Jeff Tomkins

Brian miller

Chris Ashcroft

Randy Guliuzza

Daniel Biddle

Nethaniel jeanson

Georgia perdom

Jonathan Sarfati

Larry Vardiman

Don B. DeYoung 

Frank Sherwin

Gary Parker

David Menton

Grady S. McMurty

Michael Oard

Johnathon Sarfati

Charles Jackson 

Georgia Purdom

Andrew Fabich

Tommy Mitchell

Terry Mortenson

Carl Baugh

Brian Thomas

Granville Sewell

Carl Weiland

John Sanford

Vernon Cupps

John C Sanford

William Basener

Olof Hosjer

Sal Cordova

Joseph E. Deweese

Nathaniel Jeansen

Steve Taylor

Rob Stadler

Randy Guliuzza

Richard Lumsden

Jonathan Wells

Scott Hardin

Mark Armitage

Jerry Bergman

Peter Line

Jeffrey Tomkins

Daniel Biddle

Don DeYoung

Steven Austin

John Baumgardner

Russell Humphreys

Andrew Snelling

Larry Vardiman

Kurt Wise

Spike Psaurus

Pail Geim

Michael Behe

Stephen meyer

JP Moreland

Wayne Grudem

Jonathan Wells


Michael Denton

Paul Nelson

Doug Axe

Ann Gauger

Philip E Johnson

Larry Tauntin

Hugh Ross

Dave Hunt

Frank Sherwin

Brian Miller

Gunter Beckley

Douglas Axe

Doug Petrovich

Michael Egnor

Bruce Gordon

Rupert Sheldrake

Jeff Zweerink